1. Any Club member may weigh their fish and be eligible for a nameplate on the “Plaque Wall” of Marble Hall.
  2. Any current paid member may enter our monthly tournaments that run Nov through April.
  3. Using a paid guide or Charter Capt to land a winning fish will cause the angler to be disqualified and will be disciplined accordingly as defined by our bylaws.
  4. Fish must be hooked and fought by the registered angler using conventional tackle (i.e. no electric reels) and once the leader line is within reach it may be gaffed or netted by a mate.
  5. Fish entered can only be caught in local waters. That would be roughly 40 miles South and 20 miles North of Key Colony Beach.
  6. Fish must be weighed in at Captain Hooks. The winning fish of each specie (listed below) will be determined by weight for the monthly tournaments and by the best percentage of a Florida record for the Angler of the Year award. Winning fish must comply with tournament rules and meet all local and federal regulations. Sponsored bonus tournaments winning fish will vary according to the rules of each event.

  7. Entry fee is $70.00 and will entitle the angler to fish in all the monthly tournaments, sponsored tournaments plus they will be eligible to win the Angler of the year awards.
  8. Monthly Club Tournaments: The heaviest fish in each category will be awarded a cash prize determined by the amount of entries and fish weighed in. (average payouts will be $30-$50 per winning fish). Entrants can win no more than 2 categories each month.
  9. Monthly Sponsored Tournaments: Most tournaments will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. Winnings will be awarded during club meetings.

    Nov. Centennial Bank Mangrove Tournament
    Dec. Marathon Boat Yard Marine Center Grouper Tournament
    Jan. Captain Hooks Mackerel Tournament
    Jan. Florida Keys Air Conditioning Offshore Tournament
    Feb. Centennial Bank Yellowtail Tournament
    Feb. 3rd Generation Offshore/Inshore Mix
    Mar. Sanibel Glass & Mirror March Madness

  10. Angler of the Year:
    Sponsored by Marathon Garbage Service. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners based on best percentage of the Florida record weight for each of the 13 species.
  11. Fish For Food Tournaments (free to club members)
    Dec. Franks Fish for Food
    Jan. Sparky`s Fish For Food

Please contact John Fruhmorgen, Tournament Director for more information, questions, or an application.
Let’s go fishing!

John Fruhmorgen / Tournament Director